Art for Sale

Adorn your walls with homoerotic art that says you are not to be trifled fucked with.

It’s all about anticipation.

You know it’s coming. Doubt and desire are battling it out in your heart, head, and…other parts. You’ve committed to the offer. It’s time.

A series of three paintings of gorgeous beauties about to be…

Sexy bois with big…botanicals!

A series of miniatures featuring the sensual muscularity of male figures transformed from dominance to delight with graceful floral imagery.

Capture your timeless, erotic joy in paint!

Commission an erotic watercolor figure painting for your special collection using a photo of your choice.


Relish sinuous and graceful depictions of male beauty. Minimalist elegance that enhances any collection and speaks to your impeccable taste.

pencil drawing of nude male leaning against a wall, head turned and looking off into the distance
pencil drawing of standing male nude, one hand discreetly positioned, the other raised and resting on something
pencil drawing of nude male figure from behind, leaning over, head bent down and on relaxed hand visible


16 in. x 12 in.
Oil on paper

Adorn your space with these golden cheeks to inspire the occasional uplifting moment or earn some admiring, even jealous, comments from visitors.

painting of golden hued, naked, muscular youth in contraposto pose

Rich dark wood frame and minimalist matting enhance the soft glow of his youthful exuberance.

Of course he’s looking

16 in. x 12 in.
Casein on paper

Is there anything gayer than a group of men in a shower? They may all be shouting “no homo” (except that quiet one in the corner trying to hide his erection), but really, I mean really?

group of golden hued muscular men against an abstract blue background suggestive of falling water
book cover featuring a very muscular and appealing naked male torso and buttocks against dark background

The group shower, that bonding/humiliation feature of youth, left quite an impression. Enough to fill a whole book!

The call went out on the socials to get wet and dirty. The bon-bon I created is included in this book. And in the horny hands of smut connoisseurs the world over. Why not own the original?

If original art is not your jam (or your budget), not to worry, darling. You can still treat yourself here!

display of comics and art

Kick back and contemplate male beauty with limited edition prints.

Immerse yourself in campy sci-fi hijinks and sexy himbo heroics with original comix.

These are worth it, and so are you! 😘