Edward Ficklin, artist

Adorn your walls and shelves with art that says you are not to be trifled f*cked with.

For daring connoisseurs who are proud to enjoy and showcase erotic art, I create paintings and comix filled with playful surrealism and the sensuous physiques you crave.

Capture your timeless, erotic joy in paint!

Commission an erotic watercolor figure painting for your special collection using a photo of your choice.

Sexy bois with big…botanicals!

A series of miniatures featuring the sensual muscularity of male figures transformed from dominance to delight with graceful floral imagery.

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painting of golden-hued male beauty, from behind, being menaced by tentacles emerging from the water

Offering 1: Water, a tentative resolve
(20 in x 16 in, oil on linen)

A golden male beauty leans ecstatically against a withered tree whose roots are coming to life and embracing them

Offering 2: Wood, roots of desire
(20 in x 16 in, oil on linen)

golden, muscular male surrounded by metal tentacles

Offering 3: Metal, adamantine embrace (20 in x 16 in, oil on linen)

See your queer fabulousness reflected back at you from the canvas, the page, the screen.

Celebrating the full range of queer experiences is the aim of my work. That’s right, I’m telling stories about you, darling, and the people nearest and dearest to your heart. While it’s true anyone’s experiences and stories can be gateways to the universal truths that entangle us together, it’s nice to feel seen, to find your reflection staring back at you from your chosen media.

My name is Edward and I’m a self-taught artist. I like to work independent of the artistic establishment and connect directly with my audiences. Art is conversation, not monologue. So come on in, darling, have a look around. Pull up a chair, let me pour you a stiff one and let’s converse.