Edward Ficklin

At the heart of all of my artistic endeavors is the story. We’re all about our stories. The real and the not so real. In fact, the not so real tell us more than the real.

Scroll on, my darlings, and sample some of my tales.


Let’s start with some comics, currently my favorite way of telling tales. A note of caution: bawdiness lies ahead.

In the not too distant future, a pile of space junk coalesces into a sentient entity and has to save itself from being recycled.

A couple of driftless gay party boys find themselves in trouble.

The story continues with secret experiments, new super powers, and some ugly possible futures.

Drawing and Painting

If you like your pictures without words, I’ve got some of those, too. Scroll on, but only if you’re comfortable with (tasteful) nudity.

Surveys the World
Digital painting
Dancer from the dance
Graphite on paper
White Tara Mudras
Colored pencil on paper
A little sunshine
Pencil on paper
Humble Warrior
Pastel on paper
Flowers at Midnight
Watercolor on paper
Torso study
Watercolor on paper
Graphite on paper
Thirst Trap 1
Gouache on paper
Legionnaire Pinup 1: Brainiac 5
Gouache on paper/photobash
Watercolor on paper
Late in the day
Watercolor and ink on paper
Smile More
Watercolor on paper
Light study after (B) Hogarth
Conte crayon on paper
White Tara
Watercolor and ink on paper

Writer and artist Edward Ficklin focuses on illustration and visual storytelling using traditional media. He loves exploring the many facets of queer identity and representation in his stories and images.

He’s also written for the stage. His major works include Antinous and Hadrian (music by Clint Borzoni), an opera about the ill-fated love affair of a Roman emperor and unknown youth from the stix and The Context of Love Lives, a music-theater work based on the lives of writings of Elizabeth Bishop and Oscar Wilde.