Edward Ficklin

Story is the heart of all of my artistic endeavors. We are composed of stories of everything we’ve seen, felt, heard. The real and the not so real. In fact, the not-so-real may be truer than the truth.

Scroll on, my darlings, and sample some of my visual tales.


My paintings focus on a particular brand of gay masculinity: the beefcake. Along with a representational approach, I also use (mostly) traditional media.

Browse the selection of for-sale works or head over to the contact page to start a conversation about a commission.

Please be comfortable with nudity and erotic subject matter before proceeding.


From the ridiculous to the sublime: embark with me on a journeys of campy sci-fi hijinks.

Please be comfortable with nudity and erotic subject matter before proceeding.

Thoughts and Happenings

  • Physical Resonances

    Watching that intensity creates a resonance of the physical efforts required to create such a physique.

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  • Thoughts on queer representation

    Close up photo of a variety of fruits.

    Just like process over product, think creator over creation.

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  • Returnings of the year

    Life outside the studio may be on hold, but the art-making continues. I’m grateful for the manifold privileges of health, safety, and security that allow this. The last year held challenges for all of us, but it would be the height of ignorance and arrogance for me to complain without at least some acknowledgement of

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  • When the art is the wall

    We like to think that walls are solid, permanent, that they endure beyond us. Some do, and some don’t. We feel much the same about our art. Same here: some does and some doesn’t. When a work of art is deeply integrated into its space, when it is the space—a mural for example—then its fate

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  • Doable Guys Online Art Fair

    I’m thrilled and honored to be part of Doable Guy’s Online Art Fair, selling no less than six original paintings.

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