Hello, Darling, so good to see you!

May I say,  you’re looking lovely today! If you’ve wandered in here desperate to adorn your walls and shelves with art that’s as fierce and fabulous as you are, you’ve come to the right place. 

For daring connoisseurs who are proud to enjoy and showcase erotic art, I create paintings and comics filled with playful surrealism and sensuous physiques. Here you’ll find original art, limited edition prints, and comix that are swimming in queer beauty and joy. This is art you’ll be proud to display and return to time and again and reminds you to grab life by the balls and shouts to the world that you’re not to be trifled fucked with.

My work celebrates—and centers—queer experieces. That’s right, I’m telling stories about you, Darling, and the people nearest and dearest to your heart. While it’s true anyone’s experiences and stories can be gateways to the universal truths that entangle us together, it’s nice to feel seen, to find your reflection staring back at you from your chosen media. 

Darling, I’m here for you if you crave:

  • Hand-crafted paintings and drawings featuring queer male and masc-identifying beauty
  • Figurative and narrative art that embraces the kinky and the fantastical
  • Original comics centering queer experiences and stories
  • Wisdom of the ages and recommended readings from a garrulous old queen

The world is too damn straight!

two handsome men kissing

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handsome white male, shirtless, holding a rose and coyly daring you to be joyful

And this garrulous old queen is…?

Hi, I’m Edward, a self-taught artist and proprietor of this here online emporium of kinky art and comix. I create, publish, pontificate, and, if I do say so myself, mix a mean martini.

My work gleefully flies in the face of all manner of social shaming with imagery and stories of sex and body positivity. I regularly defy the societal forces attempting erasure by legislation, algorithm, or so-called “community” standards. Celebrating  the power and joy of eroticism, I pave a path to liberation through pleasurable and sensual visuals, humorous words, and campy shenanigans.  I create worlds that connect deeply with like-minded individuals subject to erasure, censure, and those familial side-eyes at Thanksgiving.

Questions, desires, concerns?
Sexy comix or cocktail recipes I should know about? Inquiring minds want to know!