Offering 1: Water, a tentative resolve


That moment of anticipation, you know it’s coming. Doubt and desire are battling it out in your heart, head, and…other parts. You’ve committed to the offer. It’s time.

20 in. x 16 in. (22 in. x 18 in. framed)
Oil on canvas, mounted on panel; framed

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Enjoy the electric tingles of those exquisite and slightly frightening moments of anticipation with this lush oil painting. The painting is still unframed and I’ve given you some examples to ponder. I’ll be in touch after purchasing to confirm details. Expect delivery within two to three weeks of purchase.

A passive male figure is not unheard of in Western art, but passive in the form of a willing offering of themselves is not so common. It’s something I wanted to explore more in this work (and two more in the series). While the offering could have taken the form of something more mundane like a religious or political allegory, I wanted to instead go deeper. What if the offering is being made to something inhuman, otherworldly? Well then you have the subversive thrill of a male figure, usually associated with control and power, willingly giving in to, seeking union with larger elemental forces.

There are three paintings in the series, each focused on a different element: water, earth, and metal. Each element evokes a very different environment and, more importantly, a different manifestation of the totality to which our golden beauties are about to merge with. The erotic need not, indeed should not, be limited merely to the human realm.