Thoughts and Happenings

  • Workshopping Reality

    Workshopping Reality

    Everything that’s not burning hot like that hothouse, not pushing and pulling to reshape us into our most glorious selves, not utterly committed and vulnerable, is the mistake, the fake, the loss, the near miss. Read more

  • Move Better, Draw Better

    Move Better, Draw Better

    Expanding my routines freed up my thinking about health and physique, freed up my body and, believe it or not, freed up my art, too. Read more

  • Exclusively Queer?

    Exclusively Queer?

    When you start to engage with the cishet power brokers and gatekeepers, pundits and pontificators, you’ll often get the well-intentioned advice to straighten it up or go nowhere. Read more

  • Thicc of Heart

    Thicc of Heart

    How did we come to a place where physique is the realm of toxic masculinity? Read more

  • The most important part of the book is—

    The most important part of the book is—

    I would never be offended to hear “I bought your book for the cover.” Read more

  • Physical Resonances

    Physical Resonances

    What makes a guy doable? Simple, intensity. Read more

  • Thoughts on Queer Representation

    Thoughts on Queer Representation

    Just like process over product, think creator over creation. Read more

  • Returnings of the year

    Returnings of the year

    Life outside the studio may be on hold, but the art-making continues. I’m grateful for the manifold privileges of health, safety, and security that allow this. The last year held challenges for all of us, but it would be the height of ignorance and arrogance for me to complain without at least some acknowledgement ofContinue… Read more

  • When the art is the wall

    When the art is the wall

    We like to think that walls are solid, permanent, that they endure beyond us. Some do, and some don’t. We feel much the same about our art. Same here: some does and some doesn’t. When a work of art is deeply integrated into its space, when it is the space—a mural for example—then its fateContinue… Read more