Erotic Figure Commission


For $1000, you can commission an original 11 x 14 erotic watercolor figure painting for your special collection using a photo of your choice.

  • Capture your erotic joy through the spiritual lens of art.  
  • Reclaim your power and own your identity through the divine artistic lens
  • Give a gift that  only you can give
  • And if it’s their birthday, send nudes they won’t forget!


Have you ever wanted to commission a painting of yourself (or your beloved) in your full erotic glory? Nude? Fetish? Kink? Transitioning? Full-bodied? Not sure who would do it, or how to ask? Well, here I am.

I’m Edward (he/him), an artist dedicated to creating erotic work as a pathway to liberation for all. My work centers the nude figure exploring its own delights, ranging from the sensual to the ecstatic. My paintings have appeared in NYC galleries, national exhibitions dedicated to erotic art, and numerous naughty, but high quality, publications.

The more we celebrate the full range of ourselves and our experiences, the better the world becomes for everyone. It’s through the erotic that we begin to reclaim our power. And it’s just so much fun!