My work as a composer focuses mostly on opera and art song. I'm inextricably drawn the dramatic, musical, and expressive possibilities of combining music and text through the medium of the human voice.

Below is my current catalog of compositions available for performance. Click on the links in the menu to explore each category further. Performance materials are available for all items on this list, please contact me if something piques your curiosity.


As the single scene of this opera opens, Claire is waiting alone in a cafe reminiscing about a brief and passionate affair with Michael.

Antinous and Hadrian

A libretto for an opera in collaboration with Clint Borzoni

Looking Back

The happily coupled Charley and Hugo are saying their good-byes to the last of their departing guests—except for one, Claire.

The Painter

The Painter is a one-act opera that takes place in a single night.

Music Theater
Context of Love Lives

Context of Love Lives is a chamber opera explores the personal struggles of Oscar Wilde and Elizabeth Bishop—powerful voices in a society that tortured and berated them for their sexualiti

Flash of Recognition

Flash of Recognition is the second installment in a trilogy of chamber operas dealing with the sometimes precarious and unsettling places gay and lesbian individuals find themselves in in

Song of the Rain

An on-going media project and song cycle for soprano and three viols based on a poem of the same title by Khalil Gibran


From 2004-2007, I created a number of short electronic works that were my response to living in an environment so unlike that which I grew up in (i.e. moving from Colorado to New York City).

Song Cycle
Becomes This Art

A cycle of four songs, each a setting of a poem, or fragment of, by Rumi as translated by Coleman Barks.

Context Songs

A set of three songs excerpted from Context of Love Lives, texts by Elizabeth Bishop and Oscar Wilde.


Fragments of Sappho's surviving poetry arranged into a sequence that suggests both the course of a single day and the course of an entire lifetime; soprano and piano

Quixote Meditations

Three song set for baritone and piano based on original texts. Premiered by bass-baritone Derrick Ballard.

Three Shakespeare Songs

Song cycle for soprano and piano on three texts by Shakespeare: Sonnet 29, Ophelia's mad scene in Hamlet and Propsero's farewell from The Tempest.


Song cycle for baritone and piano, original texts.

At Baia

A setting of the poem by H.D. (aka Hilda Doolittle) for baritone and piano

Flow On, River

Unaccompanied vocal quartet (SATB); text: Walt Whitman, from "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry", commissioned by the Walt Whitman Project

O Living Flame of Love

bass-baritone and piano; text: St. John of the Cross

O You Whom I Often and Silently Come

A setting of "O You Whom I Often and Silently Come" from the Calamus section of Whitman's Leaves of Grass for baritone and piano.

Sought Him

vocal quartet (S, CT, T, B) and piano; text from the Song of Songs

Stanzas for Music

A setting of Byron's poem "Stanzas for Music" for baritone and piano

The Little Black Boy

From William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience, for mezzo-soprano.

Trickle Drops

A setting of Whitman's "Trickle Drops" from the Calamus section of Leaves of Grass for tenor and piano. There is also an alternate version for tenor and cello.


cello and piano


Oboe, harp, string quartet

String Quartet No. 1: Right and Left
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet No. 3: Chased
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