The Pleasure Moons, Part 1

Darlings, how are you? So glad you tuned in. Today, we’ve got a special guest from the 41st Century! The incomparable, indefatigable, and inimitable Barbarella! Take it away, Babs.

And, oh yes…


Barbarella: LOVE! I transmitted a new sexitron-powered comic into your brain from the 41st century. So much better than texting. Hope you got it.

Me: Indeed I did, darling. It’s fabulous.

Barbarella: Wonderful. I just knew somehow that your brain was quantum-entangled in all the right ways!

Me: In fact, I’m sharing with all the lovely quarks who subscribe to the Queer Quantum Dispatch starting right now. But tell me, where did this delight come from?

Barbarella: Well, I ran into these two cuties cruising around the galaxy, as one does. Several drinks later I got their story and knew I had to share their message of LOVE far and wide. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your brain for a bit to disseminate some sexitrons in that frightfully bleak century of yours. You’re going to need all the positively charged particles you can get. We’re absolutely swimming in them in here. Sharing their story is sure to quantum-entangle more brains and hearts with our fabulously sexy and love-filled future. Tyrants crumple like tinfoil when faced with the power of pleasure!

Ta ta for now, I must fly. And, oh yes…


And, so, darlings, I give you your first taste of The Pleasure Moons.

(There is also a text version, available as a PDF, will full descriptions of each page and all the dialog and captions. I’m offering this in place of alt text on the images below.)

will it be love conquers all or battle of the bulges? more to cum...