Regret not talking to that beautiful human you saw once on the subway and never again?

Yeah, me too. So I made some paintings while I continue the hunt.

How can a human being be so fucking beautiful?, I thought. They ought to come with warning labels. He gets on the hot and crowded subway at one stop. I stare, while trying not to stare. I’m silent and glued to the floor with doubt. I’m burning up on the inside with desire to engage in…conversation. Yeah, conversation. Let’s keep it classy, darling.

The train makes more stops, takes on more heat and disgruntled humanity. The distance between us grows, my fear and desire both along with it. And then…

He’s gone.

I’m still looking. Meanwhile, I turned my regret in to art to capture the way our eyes get hooked by small details, fractured glimpses lighting a fire of delightful pain with teasing incompleteness.


Stolen glances and surreptitious fantasies

Darling, here’s your chance to grab these bois before they disappear like that beautiful human on the train. I’ve lovingly produced a set of five, limited edition art prints based on the paintings.

Hang these little gems on your walls to relive those little moments of delightful pain. Hang them on your walls to remind yourself to grab life by the balls before it passes you by.

This a set of 5×7, limited edition giclee prints on archival stock. The set is $20 for the prints by themselves (normally $5 each so, darling, you get a little break). Treat yourself with some deluxe display and get the set with frames for $150.

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