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Big-hearted himbos, space ninjas, a kitten, and more. Become a flamer to help make Chasing the Flame a reality.

Hoping for something more in your adventure entertainment than the usual, heteronormative stuff coming from the big publishers? Me, too! That’s why I’m trying something a little different in my comics. And with my latest comic book endeavor, Chasing the Flame, I’m offering you, dear reader, a glimpse into the process and an opportunity for conversation while the work unfolds before your eyes.

Here’s your chance to become a patron subscriber. It’s simple: one low-priced level, one schedule, one set of perks. I like to think I’m making it easier on both of us this way.

But first, what is this comic book, anyway?!

Two adventurous lovers endure a series of escalating trials in their quest to join an elusive band of space ninjas.

(Mature readers only!) In the future, when humanity has spread into the stars, things are still a mess. Enter two young, would-be heroes, Ryu and Anselmo, who roam this mess, looking to help, to find adventures, and maybe find themselves. One a technical wiz, the other a gifted fighter, they do what they can.

In their travels, they come across an elusive band of idealistic operatives known as the Order of the Ubiquitous Flame. The boys are determined to join, seeing in the Order the potential for both home and purpose. Their desire comes to the attention of the leader of the Order who begins, unbeknownst to our pair of adventurers, a series of escalating trials to test their worthiness.

Will they realize their dream, will they survive?

To start your patron subscription, set up the recurring payment below. It’s $5 a month. You can cancel anytime by simply contacting me and saying you’re out.

The subscription will last until the book is completed, about a year from now.

Patron subscribers get the following perks:

  • Receive a free, limited edition art print of your choosing, sent immediately upon subscribing.
  • Patron only updates and previews, every 2 to 3 months
  • Free physical and digital copies when the comic is done
  • Your name as contributor on the inside cover

Fine print:

  • I’m not a charity, so no tax breaks for subscribers
  • You’ll be automatically subscribed to my regular email list, too. Cancel anytime with the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every message
  • You’re okay with gay smut
  • I retain full ownership and control of the work. This is not an investment, you have no stake in the work.
  • No, really, you’re okay with gay smut.
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