Offering 2: Wood, roots of desire


That moment of anticipation, you know it’s coming. Doubt and desire are battling it out in your heart, head, and…other parts. You’ve committed to the offer. It’s time.

20 in. x 16 in. (22 in. x 18 in. framed)
Oil on canvas, mounted on panel; framed

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A passive male figure is not unheard of in Western art, but passive in the form a willing offering of yourself is not so common. It’s something I wanted to explore more in this series. While it could have taken the form of an ordinary sexual encounter, something religious, something political, I wanted to instead go deeper, if you will. What if the male figure is offering themself up to something inhuman, otherworldly? Well, now we’re getting somewhere, darling.

There are three paintings in the series, each focused on a different element: water, earth, and metal. Each element evokes a very different environment and, more importantly, a different manifestation of the totality to which our golden beauties are about to merge with. The erotic need not, indeed should not, be limited merely to the human realm.

Book cover: two muscular men in rainbow adorned swimsuits on the beach, gazing at the view langorously Our golden boi here appears in the spanking Doable Guys anthology of erotic art, volume 7. I’m thrilled and humbled to share the pages with over 30 other gloriously talented artists exploring male beauty.

As this little gem circulates the globe in print and digital, thousands will see a reproduction of a painting that could be hanging on the walls of your secret lair, darling.