Let sleeping giants awake


Let this powerful physique’s soft shimmer and undeniably prominent contour reflect your power about to awake and wreak some queer havoc on the world. 2021 Oil on paper 16 in. x 12 in. (22 in. by 18 in. with frame)

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Western classical art, from ancient Greece through today, is replete with veiled eroticism. While I’m all for suggestion and innuendo, I also like the idea using the classical style but with less coyness.

I left the veil on this one as I like how feeble, or facetious, attempts at decorum enhance the eroticism.

book cover of Doable Guys, volume 6, with feisty, muscular space hero sporting a big gun and even bigger packageOur golden boi here appears in the spanking Doable Guys anthology of erotic art, volume 6. I’m thrilled and humbled to share the pages with over 30 other gloriously talented artists exploring male beauty. As this little gem circulates the globe in print and digital, thousands will see a reproduction of a painting that could be hanging on the walls of your secret lair, darling.