The world is too damn straight!

handsome white male, shirtless, holding a rose and coyly daring you to be joyful

The puritan patrols and asshat algorithms are out to squash anything sexy and queer they can find. Hello, darling, I’m Edward and I have a respite from this onslaught for you.

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Be turned on, be entertained, be the envy of your friends!

(And bonus points for pissing off that fundamentalist in your life.)

But wait, there’s more…

To sweeten the deal, spice up your reading right now with a steamy digital comic book. 

Chasing the Flame is a queerotic (m/m) sci-fi romp filled to the brim with Barbarella meets Jackie Chan hijinks, himbo heroics, and a kitten.

πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘ πŸ† 😺 ✨

(PDF, 36 pages, 21MB; download immediately upon confirming your deets)

Here’s what other happy quarks have said…

I really have been loving your newsletters, you’re so good at drawing the reader in and sharing parts of yourself and your world. They feel really personal and relatable without being overshary.

Eli Trier

This letter was just what I needed today. I must say, your emails have been a real pleasure. Here’s to letting go, and making the world a little less straight!

Chris Sellers
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