Edward Ficklin

Story is the heart of all of my artistic endeavors. We are composed of stories of everything we’ve seen, felt, heard. The real and the not so real. In fact, the not-so-real may be truer than the truth.

Scroll on, my darlings, and sample some of my visual tales.


Let’s start with some comics, currently my favorite way of telling tales. A note of caution: bawdiness lies ahead.

In the not too distant future, a pile of space junk coalesces into a sentient entity and has to save itself from being recycled. Appears in Tales from the Dispatch, Vol. 2.

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A couple of driftless gay party boys find themselves in trouble.

The story continues with secret experiments, new super powers, and some ugly possible futures.

line drawing of two handsome, heroic youths who are the heroes of this exciting new comic book

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Big-hearted himbos, space ninjas, a kitten, and more. Become a flamer to help make Chasing the Flame a reality.

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Drawing and Painting

If you like your pictures without words, I’ve got some of those, too. Scroll on, but only if you’re comfortable with (tasteful) nudity.

  • painting of a masculine hand resting against his knee; skin is an iridescent violet against a dark blue background
  • Painting of young man leaning against a wall, in a costume not unlike that of Robin, the Boy Wonder, of Batman fame.

Thoughts and Happenings

  • The erotic as continuum–not binary
    Why is sex, and the erotic in general, segregated in our storytelling?
  • The office, but not THAT office
    Today I make one thing. I may make something different tomorrow. I close down by hitting a kind of reset button on the office, restoring it to a ready state–ready for tomorrow’s adventure.
  • Workshopping Reality
    Everything that’s not burning hot like that hothouse, not pushing and pulling to reshape us into our most glorious selves, not utterly committed and vulnerable, is the mistake, the fake, the loss, the near miss.
  • Move Better, Draw Better
    Expanding my routines freed up my thinking about health and physique, freed up my body and, believe it or not, freed up my art, too.
  • Exclusively Queer?
    When you start to engage with the cishet power brokers and gatekeepers, pundits and pontificators, you’ll often get the well-intentioned advice to straighten it up or go nowhere.