The most important part of the book is—

The cover, of course! I would never be offended to hear “I bought your book for the cover.”

I gained a new appreciation and love for the power of covers from reading the first two books in the Sex and Horror series by Mark Alfrey. While not my preferred flavor of cheesecake, I can’t help but love, love, love the balls-to-the-wall ferocity of these covers. While the more uptight might quiver at the abundance of gratuitous wardrobe malfunctions, I find it exhilarating and fully intend to engage in the same level of enthusiasm for the very special books that scream out for this kind of cover.

It was with these images, and intention, in mind that I set about finally creating the cover to Chasing the Flame. The book absolutely merits the full pulp treatment.

For the process geeks out there, here’s a slideshow illustrating the stages of creation this little bon-bon underwent in coming to you. We have some reference photos composited to give me a layout, then the line art, then studies to get color and value right, and finally the work itself in stages.

Read a preview of Chasing the Flame!

Want all the action? Want all the himbo cheesecake?

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Writer and artist Edward Ficklin (he/him) focuses on illustration and visual storytelling using traditional media. He loves exploring the many facets of gay identity and representation in his stories and images. His comics have been published by Snowyworks/Indie Comix Dispatch, Outlet Comics, and true to his queer indie heart, himself. His paintings have appeared in the Doable Guys annual anthology, Raw Meat Collective's Shower with Affection, vol 2, and and various DIY shows in the NYC area. He lives and works on the unceded Lenape territory now called New York City.

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