Chasing the Flame preview: The Folsom (mature content)

Our bois continue their hunt for the elusive Order of the Ubiquitous Flame, space ninjas that appear from nowhere to help the oppressed level the playing field.

Mature content ahead. Stop scrolling now if you’re uptight that way.

Want more action? Want more himbo cheesecake? Chasing the Flame hits select stores and digital outlets early 2022. Stay connected for updates!

Published by eddy

Writer and artist Edward Ficklin (he/him) focuses on illustration and visual storytelling using traditional media. He loves exploring the many facets of queer identity and representation in his stories and images. His comics have been published by Snowyworks/Indie Comix Dispatch and Outlet Comics. His paintings have appeared in the Doable Guys annual anthology and in their first in-person show in NYC in 2021. His comic sci-fi romp Chasing the Flame hits digital outlets and select indie comix stores in early 2022.

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