Song of the Rain

Song of the Rain

Make your voice part of the song

Welcome to Song of the Rain. This is to be a project that will eventually grow to encompass multiple facets: music, audio installation and a mobile experience. It will meander and evolve its way over the next year or so through the complicated terrain of climate change and interconnectedness.

To get things started, I need your help creating the raw materials for the audio installation. The heart of the audio, the song, if you will, is your voice. Call the phone number below and give your answer to the one, very simple question that you'll hear. Short or long as you like, just be honest.

The directions:

  • Agree to the fine print and call the number that will be revealed (toll free in the US only, but I hope that won't discourage international participation)
  • Listen to the message and answer the question
  • Hang up and forget all about it, or...
  • Subscribe to the email list to stay updated as the work evolves: or send me an email at telling me what you think I should hear

The fine print:

  • By leaving a message, you agree to let your voice and words contained in the recording be used as I see fit in creating the work. There will be no compensation for the use of this material
  • Any and all edits are at my sole discretion. It's possible not every message left will end up in the final work.
  • No names will be ever be used, all comments are as anonymous as they can be. The audio recordings you leave will used in the work, so someone who knows you can still recognize your voice. The world is much smaller than we realize.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, climate change is a difficult matter so let's keep it civilized, shall we?

If you agree to the fine print, click here to see the number.

Have a listen to what people are saying:

What's next?

As I collect messages and craft the audio from them, I'll post samples for you to listen to. I'm also at work on the musical portion of the project, a setting of the exquisite Khalil Gibran poem "Song of the Rain" for soprano, viols and electronics. The music and the audio you've hopefully contributed to will merge into an installation somewhere in NYC in the coming year or so. Stay tuned...


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