Quixote Meditations

These three songs are an explorations of the aspects of the story and character of Don Quixote that not only fascinate me personally, but also I feel make Quixote an everyman that continues to fascinate each subsequent generation.

The first song comments on the idealization of love that was the driving force behind all of Quixote’s adventures. Unlike some current adaptations of Cervantes’ work, in the original, Quixote never once saw in person the woman for whom he endured years of hardship (and ridicule) as a knight errant.

The second is a modern, and perhaps more jaded, person’s response to Quixote’s unbelievable ability to relate everything he saw and experienced to his quest for fame an later to free his lady from enchantment.

The third is the modern person’s questioning of himself and his own Quixotic tendencies while contemplating all the different books of chivalry that made Quixote what he was.

He never knew her
never saw her
Except in his head

If she can’t be around
If she can’t be seen

She can do no wrong

It’s easy to fight for love
When the person you love
doesn’t exist

She can do no wrong

Is Quixote the crazy one?

Don’t transform
Don’t worship
Don’t lie

not a helmet not a lady not a squire
not a knight not a wizard not a giant

see it like it is

I knew a Quixote once
He could make anything what it wasn’t
He made me his Sancho
I followed and believed

Amadis of Gaul
The Exloits of Esplandian, the legitimate son of Amadis of Gaul
Amadis of Greece
Don Olivante de Laura
The Garden of Flowers
Florismarte of Hyrcania

How many windmills have I made into giants?
How many enchanters were deluding me?

The Knights of Platir
The Knights of the Cross
The Mirror of Chivalries
Don Belianis
History of the Famous Knight Tirante the White

All consigned to flames
by the righteous self-righteous
They burned his books
But he still believed—still transformed


Quixote Meditations.mp3

Derrick Ballard, bass-baritone

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