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Head in the Clouds

In technology circles, the "Cloud" is the way things are done now. I won't bore you with technical details about what is, and is not, the Cloud (you can find that at Wikipedia). Suffice it to say that the cloud is about doing things on the web that you used to do on your desktop. For everyday technology needs, the Cloud is the way to go. Don't believe such things can impact your compositional process? Perhaps, perhaps not. Let me give you an example.


Opera Vista

Imagine, if you will, four composers of four operas before a panel of four judges and an enthusiastic and sophisticated audience. You have all the makings of Opera Vista's annual competition. This is a competition for new chamber opera in which the audience votes for the winner.


ACM's Weekly Readings

Chicago's Accessible Contemporary Music continues their popular Weekly Readings program. They record a piece by a living composer, yours truly in this instance, every week during their performance season and post it to their website. My not so recent work Serenade is the first reading of the season. Head to ACM's website for a listen to this and much, much more.


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