Antinous and Hadrian

Score by Clint Borzoni
Commissioned by operamission

Taking the historical as a starting point and traveling far from there, Antinous and Hadrian tells a mostly fictitious story of the 2nd century Roman emperor and his ill-fated love for the young man Antinous.

Scored for soloists, chorus and standard orchestra, the expected running time is approximately 2 hours. The work is complete and awaiting a premiere production. Workshops will occur periodically in New York City, sponsored by operamission.

Watch videos below of the work as it progresses. Or find even more here on Clint Borzoni's YouTube channel.


Antinous and Hadrian (OPERA)

Antinous and Hadrian (OPERA)

Antinous and Hadrian (OPERA), Love Scene

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