As the single scene of this opera opens, Claire is waiting alone in a cafe reminiscing about a brief and passionate affair with Michael. In a particularly gripping moment of their passion, they made a vow to meet up again at the cafe where they first met—no matter how things turned out between them. Claire is here to keep the date, but will Michael? Her thoughts take a dark and surreal turn, imagining that he's dead and his ghost keeps the date. A strange interaction with a waiter leaves her wondering if Michael's otherworldly appearance wasn't just in her head and if she should come back next year.

Claire, soprano (or mezzo-soprano)
Micheal, baritone
waiter, speaking role

Duration: 13 minutes

Flute, Clarinet, Vibraphone, Harp, Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass

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Production History:
Opera Company of Astoria, 2004 (premiere)
Elizabeth Mondragon, Claire
Matthew Hume, Michael
Robert J. Haven, waiter

Voyeur Theater Ensemble, 2005
Alayne Faraone, Claire
Derrick Ballard, Michael
Rachel Carter, waiter

Voyeur Theater Ensemble, 2006
Rachel Carter, Claire
Lee Gregory, Michael
Edward Ficklin, waiter

Voyeur Theater Ensemble, 2007
Rachel Carter, Claire
Dennis Blackwell, Michael
Robert Fertitta, waiter

operamission, 2010
Elizabeth Brooks, Claire
Nathan Wentworth, Michael



Opera Company of Astoria, Elizabeth Mondragon, mezzo-soprano

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