Flash of Recognition

Flash of Recognition, a new music theater work based loosely (very loosely) on the life of maverick photographer Mike Disfarmer.

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Song of the Rain

Your chance to participate is here. No longer the passive, but interested, audience, now you can add your voice to the song.

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Becomes This Art

A new song cycle for baritone and piano, settings of four short and evocative poems by Rumi. Any intrepid baritones out there looking to premiere a new work?


Survival of the...

Nothing like approaching the turn of a personal decade to make you ponder things like success. There are many ways of defining success. But that’s not exactly what I’m going to prattle on about right now. Instead, I’m going to ponder the study of success and how we talk about success to each other.



There seem to be to be much discussion about "relevancy" in the opera world right now. The standard classics of the repertoire are often given updated productions to make them more relevant. Subject matter for new works, commissions, workshops, and the like encourage relevancy. What exactly is relevant? What makes a production, a work, a subject matter or character relevant?

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